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Fine Handcrafted Leather Booksleather journal

We've been recommending "fishing journals" for a long time, and I am glad to say that I've finally found a book that will be a keepsake in your family, and answer all your needs, especially since they even offer to make it to your specifications, in needed: "Fishing Journal: It was designed by fishermen and has been field-tested. If you or someone you know is looking to keep a journal of their catches as well as other small items gathered on the outing then this is the book you want. Each of these books are made to order and personalized with the owner’s name and date of your choosing on the front title page."

General Description: Leather journal, photo album, leather portfolio, writing journal, sketchbooks, fishing journals, custom wedding albums, day planners, wallets and much more. On top of that, if you don't see it, chances are we can create it...just ask. When you purchase a leather journal, photo album, leather portfolio or writing journal from us the first thing you will notice is that we use 100% cotton rag and acid free papers. The sheets are all hand torn to give them a rough edge. Everything is hand stitched using 5-ply waxed linen thread and up to 8 needles. The stitching on our books is functional, decorative and unique to our products. It is also the reason they lay completely flat when open.

FLY FISHING VIDEO: "Tying Flies for Spring Creeks and Tailwaters" (**VIDEO**) By Mike Lawson

First he accummulated a vast inventory of fly fishing knowledge over a lifetime, then Lawson put it in his videos. In this one he goes beyond the basic tying, detailing the rationale and application of each pattern, all with the mellow wisdow that has been the trademark of his career. (2-hour video) 307-733-3253.

FLY FISHING BOOK: "Fly Fishing Colorado's Front Range" By Todd Hosman

Not only does this book provide detailed information on fishing techniques and fly patterns, but it contains more than 50 destinations, including an in-depth look at the region's aquatic insects.

"This may not sound so exciting if you're not a fly fisherman," Hosman said, "but if you are, it's a pretty big deal because it includes, among other things, a fairly comprehensive listing of the mayflies that you find in the Front Range, some of which are found nowhere else in the world. The book also includes a number of fly patterns that are peculiar to or originated in the Front Range, flies that were designed by local tiers."

Much of the information is illustrated through graphs, drawings, photographs and maps. Hosman has been fishing since he was four, and has written another book based on his guide work in the Rocky Mt. National Park.

This was excerpted from The Old Recorder. Lyons, Al Pace, September 9, 1999. You can reach Hosman at

"Fly Fishing Rocky Mountain National Park : An Angler's Guide" - Todd Hosman $13.56 - Save 20% His newest book. Information pertinent for our area. FLY FISHING BOOK: "Royal Coachmen, The Lore and Legends of Fly-Fishing" By Paul Schullery

Few sports enjoy a history or a literature as old and as rich as fly-fishing does, and Paul Schullery is one of fly-fishing's favorite storytellers. He is the author or editor of two dozen previous books, including "American Fly Fishing: A History". His best essay is about how fly fishing got its elitist and fussy reputation; according to the rules, you could cast only upstream to a specific fish already seen rising to a natural insect. The thing that irks Schullery the most is the weekend warrior's total lack of fly-fishing etiquette. There are common courtesies like never crowding another fisher already in a stream, and never casting a line in a section of stream someone else is working. (paraphrased from a review by Robert Wurmstedt, sr. fellow at the Center for the New West, publ. in Denver Post) $20 hard/$10 paper.

FLY FISHING BOOK: "Standing in a River Waving a Stick" By John Gierach A professional angler, and popular columnist in Colorado, John Gierach has gathered not only stories about his journeys to favorite spots across the country, and in and outs of fishing, but he includes his buddies' advice and stories. Just the kind of fishing partner you want along on a trip, whether on a canoe on a hot sunny day, or sitting on the porch in the summer's evening, remembering fondly your good times with friends.

  • "Another Lousy Day in Paradise"; "Where Trout are as Long as your Leg"; "Dances with Trout"; "Trout Bum"; "Fly-fishing in High Country"; and more
  • QUOTE: "The fork of the stream and the rumored cutthroat lake are in one of those classically beautiful, high, wide, but somehow still intimate valleys in the Colorado Rockies, and parts of it are nicely inaccessible. First there's an hour and a half's worth of jarring, slamming bad road. Then, at the road's end, there's a pretty good uphill hike...the stream itself is small, cold, steep, deep in places... it's mostly in forest, so the water is nicely shaded..."Jeeze," he said, "I didn't know they got this big up here." I beamed."
  • GUIDE BOOK: "Official Colorado Fishing Guide, 2nd Edition" by Kip Carey. $21.95; 416 pages; March 2003.

    Already the most popular guide, it now has revised its fish species listings for the entire state of Colorado; trailhead names, trail numbers, road names, and road numbers have been extensively updated; new, concise and more detailed maps have been included; and the last major improvement is an enhanced and expanded index. With descriptions for over 3,000 reservoirs, lakes, ponds, creeks, and rivers. He gets assistance from both government officials and locals. It also includes tips on the recent drought's and forest fire's effects.

    MAP for Remote Areas: "Colorado Atlas and Gazetteer" by Delorme Publ. Co., Deloreme Mapping Co. $11.00

    A new feature of the DeLorme atlases is the double page spread showing the entire state, main roads, public lands and cities, and indexed to the detail maps. These are of two scales--1" to 2.3 miles for the complex western areas, 1" to 4.6 miles for the flat eastern portion. We find a magnifying glass useful, but the small--and excellent--scribing is a fair trade-off for the expediency of an atlas covering highways, roads, ways, trails, and recreation sites. The price is a notable bargain. For back roads or the major Forest Service or BLM roads of Colorado. Governmental jurisdictions are well-differentiated by color, and the topographic relief is very nice. Note, scale may be too large for some very small roads.

    "A Good Catch: Estes Park Fish Hatchery, 1907-1982"

    While you are in Estes Park, going on one of our fishing trips, check out a new, temporary exhibit in the Community Case at the Estes Park Museum, 200 Fourth St.. (970) 586-6256. It features postcards from local collector Bobbie Heisterkamp and illustrate the promotion and excitement surrounding the fishing bounty in Estes Park. The exhibit is located in the foyer of the main building.

    Fly Fishing the Colorado River: An Angler's Guide by Al Marlowe A great guide to fishing the Colorado River from Rocky Mountain Nat'l Park to Rifle. Includes info on the Blue, Fraser, Williams Fork, Frying Pan and Roaring Fork. Maps, photos, and hatch charts help you fish this great river.

    Fly Fishing Southern Colorado by Craig Martin, Tom Knopick, and John Flick Lots of good info on fishing the rivers and lakes of SW and southern Colorado

    Fly Fishing: A Woman's Guide by Dana Rikimaru Fly-fishing combines many skills--including reading water and observing nature, focusing and keeping still, solving problems, casting and presenting the fly with grace, and, above all, trusting your intuition. And Dana Rikimaru's book, filled with the voices of women who've tasted the joys of the sport, is the best guide for women who want to wade right in and apply skills they already have to the art of fly-fishing

    Jackson Streit's No Nonsense Guide to Fly Fishing Colorado by Jackson Streit, Lynn Perrault (Illustrator), Pete Chadwell (Illustrator)

    Flyfisher's Guide to Colorado by Marty Bartholomew, Barry Reynolds (Contributor) 512 pages with description of flyfishing in Colorado.

    Basic Techniques for Successful Fly Tying by Brad Befus and John Berryman--for beginners and novice; lots of color photos.

    Flyfishing DVD (6/07)

    Learn time-trusted fly-tying techniques as the Sporting Fly pays tribute to some of the masters of the art who generously illustrate their unique insights on this introspective look into the world of fly-tying. Craig Matthews, Montana author and master angler, shows us the art of the Sparkle Dun Mayfly. We then pay tribute to legendary tier Al Troth, inventor of the landmark Elk Hair Caddis. Utah master guide, Shawn Saunders ties a Down Wing Caddis pattern that is irresistible to trout on the Fremont River. Montana streamer expert Kelly Galloup ties his famous Zoo Cougar pattern; a mainstay for anglers on the Madison River. We also get expert typing lessons from Harry Mason of TroutFlies.Com, Leon Sagaloff of Frontier Anglers, and our Sporting Fly Host Dave Long!

    NOTE: I did a general search of "Colorado" and "flyfishing" and did not come up with most of these books on Amazon, so you may have to type in the full name of the book or author.

    Other Sports Accessories

    Antique Fishing (and Sports) Photos: Double Matted in Barnwood Frames; starting at: 5x8 (11x14 frame) $89---Call 303-674-4666 Ski Country Antiques 114 Homestead Rd. Evergreen, CO 80439 ---

    Three pages of old photos that will delight you! Including girls horseback riding, elks on the Town Hall steps, men with strings of fish, daring motorists on mountain roads, skiiers with their dogs, trains and stagecoaches, Indians, miners, firemen, snow drifts as tall as buildings...and funny photos. This would make a unique gift, such as an old fashioned baseball team framed photo for the "Best Player", or for a retiring coach.

    Leadership: Fisherman
    Leadership: Fisherman Art Print
    Buy at

    Salvador Caballero - Trout Fishermen
    2 Trout Fishermen
    deep forest colors
    Salvador Caballero
    Buy This Art Print At

    Man Fly Fishing in Front of Mountain
    Man Fly Fishing in Front of Mountain
    Photographic Print

    Buy at
    Father and Son on Dock Fishing
    Father and Son on Dock Fishing
    includes **Frame** and Photographic Print

    Henderson, Chip
    Buy at

    The Mangler - fishing tackle - Cheap prices on fishing tackle, fishing lures and bait.

    "If you wish to be happy forever,
    learn to fish."
    Chinese Proverb

    "Be Outdoors":

    FISHING GEAR and More. The widest selection of brand name outdoor products on the Internet (all categories of sports). But, in fishing alone they have 20,000 items! GO to: The most important step in learning to fly fish is understanding how fly tackle works; knowing how to select the right equipment follows right behind. For tips on choosing the right fly fishing gear, check the full story in the Fishing Classroom at beOutdoors University.

    Carp Fishing:

    Here's a page loaded with articles about carp fishing, such as: Whats the alternative to lead weights? How one goes to use an Echo Sounder to maximium effect! Maple Peas are a brillant Winter Carp Bait!

    The Fishing Find Resource Directory

    was developed to help you quickly and easily find information and websites related to Fishing; plus a free newsletter. Fishing Find They have fishing reports. (This site is for sale, so the info may change.)

    Colorado Manufacturers of
    Fly-fishing Products

    polesThe House of Hardy, the venerable old British fly fishing reel-maker, opened its new North American headquarters and showroom in Clear Creek County, Colorado. Like other fly-fishing related companies, it wanted to be closer to its fly fishing customers.

    Hardy joins Ross Reels in Montrose; Scott in Telluride, a rod maker; and Wright and McGill, a Denver company that makes Eagle Claw brand fish hooks and rods.

    Hardy is known for making high-end rods, reels, flies and accessories for 126 years. A complete set runs $750 to $1,000. They are the official provider of fishing tackle to Prince Charles. Other customers included President Eisenhower and Bing Crosby.

    Up to 20 years ago, Hardy controlled the reel business, until Ross Hauk and other US companies started competing.

    If you know who to ask, you'll find other gems in the area, like Mike Clark's requisite rods, made one at a time for each person (here in Lyons).

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